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All About Sesame Seed Butter

Posted by: | Posted on: March 8, 2022

Sesame seed Butter is a vital ingredient of our food. Ayurvedic texts recommend the healing properties of sesame seed butter. sesame seed Butter made from sour curds is thought of superior to all other kinds of sesame seed butter. You can easily find  sesame seed butter from various sources to get health benefits.

sesame seed butter

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 sesame seed Butter is defined by dictionary definitions to be "a solid emulsion made of fat globules, air, and water created by churning either milk or cream and being used as a food".   

Sesame seed butter is known as "Navaneeta" in Sanskrit. It is called"navaneeta" in texts from Ayurveda as well.  sesame seed Butter is generally produced from buffalo's or cow's milk. It can also be made from the milk of other mammals, like goats, sheep, camels, etc.

Sesame seed Butter made from cow's milk is rich in saturated and monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats, lots of Vitamin A, Vitamin V, D, Vitamin D, and Cholesterol.

The texts of Ayurveda discuss sesame seed butter made from milk from buffalo, cows,s, and sheep to treat ailments. The benefits of sesame seed butter for health are clearly explained in Ayurveda.

The sesame seed butter made from cow's milk has the following properties for healing.

It functions as a body cooling.

 This sesame seed butter is nourishing for tissues of the body and improves energy levels.

The skin's appearance and body strength increase when you consume sesame seed butter.

 sesame seed Butter boosts appetite.

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