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All You Need To Know About Six-Function MultiPro Tailgate

Posted by: | Posted on: July 13, 2021

Multi-Pro Tailgate is more of a synonym for a multifunction tool; can be configured and set up on the go to get any job done. This extremely clever tailgate also ideally complements the loading space of the Sierra 2020 high-quality steel, leading to an outstanding loading area in all aspects. You can also visit Tailgate Fix to know more about multipro tailgates.

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One tailgate, endless possibilities

Physically, the Multi-Pro tailgate consists essentially of 2 tailgates in 1. The larger main tailgate is conventionally hinged, but the second, smaller inner tailgate is on the first door. 

This "two-door system" is easily accessible via a panel on the main gate and allows multiple configurations to suit your needs.

Built to be universal

In modern times, trucks are used for more diverse tasks than ever before, but truck loading areas have not markedly increased this responsibility – until now. Designed to be flexible, durable, and incredibly helpful, the Sierra 2020 Multi-Pro tailgate is a much-needed evolutionary pickup truck. 

Access to the loading area or cargo box is easy and fast and its multiple uses make loading and unloading and everything in-between as smooth as possible. 

The main door can be opened in one of 3 different ways and includes torsion springs and shock absorbers to ensure smooth movement with minimal expenditure. 

The ability to stop loads in the tailgate of the Multi-Pro provides a vertical barrier by raising the inner panel for longer items and preventing the load from sliding from behind while driving.

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