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Borderline Personality Disorder and Paradoxical Relationships

Posted by: | Posted on: September 20, 2021

People who undergo a severe form of Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD, are extraordinarily sensitive to any perceived slight or hint of rejection. They lack insight when it comes to relationships and are unable to calm themselves when under stress. They can become enraged when they believe that someone has done wrong with them.

Sadly, the individual with severe BPD is so convinced that others are about to hurt or abandon them that they are compelled to behave in ways that, paradoxically, are provocative and alienating. In their efforts to manage what they imagine to be inevitable betrayal or abuse, they inadvertently create the situations which they most dread.

Paradoxically, the Borderline sufferer ends up doing all the real harm in their quest to punish the so-called offenders. It is therefore important to manage this disorder in its earlier stage so that it doesn't become complex over time. Patients suffering from BPD can opt for therapy for borderline personality disorder or seek online counseling to help them manage their symptoms.

Severely-affected BPD individuals are extremely adept at causing harm to those who they believe have hurt them. The person on the receiving end of their wrath might have unknowingly played into their hand by responding in a critical or rejecting manner, but often they're innocent of any wrong-doing.

Nothing they've done could ever merit the degree of viciousness and persistence of the attack. The Borderline individual is so filled with a distorted sense of righteous indignation that they are able to pursue their cause, indefinitely. Until our society is able to protect us from people with severe personality disorders and until the courts recognize and protect us from malicious prosecution, it seems like beating a hasty retreat is often our best and safest strategy.



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