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Complete Refurbishment and Overhaul of a Rolex Watch

Posted by: | Posted on: October 22, 2021

Rolex watches have been meticulously made, paying attention to every little detail. Rolex watches have been awarded the chronometer certification for each watch they sell because of this care. Proper servicing is necessary to preserve the watches' accuracy as timekeeping devices.

Pre-owned Rolex watches are not only accurate in function, but also look great. Every Rolex goes through a rigorous refurbishment to fix its cosmetic and functional issues. You can also hire a professional for Rolex battery replacement service via various websites.

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Rolex Service Centers can service Rolex watches. They perform a complete overhaul that includes Visual Identification Inspection and Quality Control.

1. Visual Identification Inspection: Every Rolex Service Center is required to perform the Visual Identification Inspection. This inspection has two objectives. One, it aims to locate any stolen Rolex, and two, it identifies any counterfeit parts. 

2. A thorough diagnosis of your Rolex is performed by an expert technician. This allows you to pinpoint any errors in the appearance and operation of your Rolex. To correct any defects, the technician will make a list and then start the servicing.

3. Servicing the Movement and Other Crucial Rolex parts: The first step in servicing the movement is to completely disassemble it so that each intricate component can be cleaned. A special solution is used to remove hardened lubricants from the movement. 

4. Cleaning and polishing: The Oyster bracelet and case are cleaned and polished by hand. Repairs are also made to the bracelet for worn parts, broken links, or other imperfections.

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