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Different Types Of Cloth Nappies

Posted by: | Posted on: August 24, 2021

Cloth nappies are used to keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry. These are very gentle on your baby’s skin and make him or her more comfortable all day long. These nappies are generally made up of fabric such as bamboo that has high absorbing power.

Whenever planning an outing with your kids, you can first shop for the perfect organic fabric nappies for them. Kinds of cloth nappies are:

Fitted nappies are created from a bit of absorbing cloth and they need a nappy cover. The distinction between prefold and fitted nappy is that the fitted one is more elastic in nature. These are more expensive than pre-folds but less expensive than a number of the other nappies.

All-in-Ones nappies are also flexible in dimension. These would be the most expensive kind of nappies and might take more time to wash. 

All-in-Two nappies can also be referred to as hybrid nappies since they generally have a nappy cover along with a liner that’s reusable. 

Pocket Nappies have a leak-proof outer shell along with a soft inner shell. They are fast drying and easy to use nappies.

Using environment-friendly nappies for your babies can help if your baby has nappy rashes. These nappies generally have soft micro-fleece lining making them ultra-absorbent and helps your child to have a peaceful sleep.

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