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Facebook Chatbot Features

Posted by: | Posted on: March 22, 2020

Unlike other chatbots that have been introduced on chat platforms like Kik and Discord, the Facebook Chatbot is not yet available on Facebook Messenger. It was introduced on Facebook Chat, but it is still being tested. To add further features to the chatbots, we can look at the following:

Music. When the Facebook Chatbot is installed, a new tab will be opened called Settings. In this tab, you can add music as a radio station for the bots. With a few clicks, you can get different radio stations for the bots, and you can also download music to the bots. So, you can choose what kind of music you like.

You can play music in a variety of genres. Besides the radio stations, you can also add some podcasts and add them to the bot. You can also share music from your device to the bots, and they can send you the sound file.

Video. The Facebook Chatbot can also play videos. If you like to watch videos, you can find the video feed feature in the bot. The video feed feature allows you to open the video on your screen and can also add a stream from your device, so that you can enjoy the video and can also record it.

Pictures. To add more life to your Messenger and Facebook Chat, you can add photos to the bots. With some clicks, you can add more pictures to the bots, and you can also upload your pictures directly to Facebook.

Videos and photos are a combination of all the media that the users use to communicate with their friends, colleagues, family and partners. For example, if you like music videos, you can add them to the bots and they can send you the music files, and you can also share them with your friends.

Profile Picture. This is a great feature of Facebook Chatbot that many other chatbots do not offer.

You can also add your own pictures to your bot. You can add your own photos directly to your bot and then it can send it to your friends and contacts, and they can add your photo to their bots.

Profile Settings. You can add customizations and settings to your bots. These settings include the update status, the bot language and also music, games, videos, music and images.

Bots. Bots are simple applications that perform the functions in Facebook and Messenger, while interacting with the users.

The Facebook Messenger Bot is an interactive bot that can be used for interactive features in Facebook and Messenger. It can be programmed to understand user commands, respond to them in the right way, and deliver content in response to users. It also helps to make the interaction between two users smoother. This bot is a good tool to increase online activity and have more fun with friends, colleagues, family and partners.

Bot that are used in a variety of platforms. So, you can install the bots in the PC, a laptop, and even in a mobile device. It has become the favorite chat and social networking application.

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