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Four Benefits Of Paracord

Posted by: | Posted on: January 12, 2022

The cord was first used and utilized in the parachute industry during WWII and soon became known for its usage in different jobs. Nowadays, it is utilized by military and civilian personnel for many general-purpose tasks.

There are many versions on the market for civilians today, however, true military-grade 550 paracords will be identified as MIL-C-5040 Type III and tested for 560 pounds.

Commercial/Civilian Paracord 550: The imitations might not contain seven inner yarns and the yarns inside may not have three strands in each.

Genuine MIL-SPEC MIL C-5040: Type III Paracord that includes 7 inner yarns each of which is composed of three strands.

According to the original Mil-C-5040, the Mil-C-5040 document for government documents the 550 type III Paracord must be between 7 to 9 strings, and each strand must be three-ply.

Paracord Colors

The cord is available in a wide range of lengths and colors (when cut at the ends, they should be burnt or singed to avoid fraying). The inner strands are easily removed for many other applications.

The 4 advantages of using paracord

Strength:- Approximately 1/4 inch wide and an amazing breaking force of 550 pounds.

Durability:- It can be used repeatedly and over again, and remain resilient and flexible.

Water as well as mildew-resistant:- Outside elements aren't an issue, and they will dry extremely quickly.

Inner Strands: The special ability to separate the inner strands makes this cord extremely flexible.

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