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Golf Tips For Beginners

Posted by: | Posted on: March 30, 2022

Golf is not an easy game, but there are some useful tips to improve your overall enjoyment of golf.

As you practice this technique, your game will improve.


Golfers usually approach chip strokes near the green without realizing what the stroke is about to do. A chip stroke is defined as a hit near the green that is meant to roll further on the ground than in the air. "I KNOW" is the first part of the equation. You can learn more about golf techniques by visiting

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There are many techniques for executing a punch; The most reliable way to chip is to treat the stroke like a putt with another club. 

The EXECUTION part of the equation is as follows. Now that you know that chip moves are the same as game moves, you just have to choose the right racket. Picking the right club doesn't change movement. Here is an approximate chart for measuring shots.

Tilting wedge 1:1

9 – iron 1:2

8 – Iron 1:3

7 – iron 1:4


Boil the bats just above the stems. Keep your hands away from your body to stand. Place the racket forward on your toes. This prevents the racket from sinking to the ground during impact.

Get great golf tips for beginners. Guidebooks are also available, along with supplies.

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