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Hints That Can Indicate A Bat Infestation In Your Home

Posted by: | Posted on: October 23, 2019

Of course, it can be alarming to think there might be a bat somewhere in your home, especially if you have small children. It can be more alarming to find a bat in your home!

Three signs are telling that there is a bat in your home. Knowing and looking for this indication may allow you to stop the infiltration of bats or bugs before they become out of control.

This can prevent further damage to animals and costly repairs to your property. You can also hire wild animal removal pest control in Gonzales, CA to get rid of bat infestation in your home.

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Strange Bird Sounds

Bats can make a sound similar to a flock of birds, so, understandably, many homeowners think that they’re just birds.

Sounds like a wing-flapping and high pitched "chirps" are some examples. If you hear such voices at night in your home, you may have bats in your house.

Check your crawl space, attic, and the inner wall for bat infestation. This is the area that the sound came from.


If you see some “bird-like" dirt on the exterior or interior of your home, you probably have a bat problem. But if you look at the guano on your door frames, windowsills, baseboards, crown molding, or other areas of the house, it could be from a bat staying somewhere inside.

Fortunately, the wildlife control company generally offers the services of an exception and cleaning services for these animals and more. So, it is important to call a licensed wildlife control company to service the exception of safe and humane.

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