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How to Buy The Perfect LED Floodlight?

Posted by: | Posted on: November 12, 2021

Find the size of your LED chip

The floodlight’s performance is dependent on the led chip. There are many brands and sizes available, and the cost of these chips can vary. There are many brands such as Bridgelux and Philips. These chips are considered very high-quality, but unfortunately, even companies that don’t use them stick their logo on the chips. 

The LED bracket is available.

Aluminum alloys and other similar materials are used to make the chip brackets for cheap LEDs. This material is extremely light in weight and has low thermal conductivity. The good quality floodlights made from purple copper have a much higher thermal conductivity and perform better. 

View the LED chip gold line

A good-quality LED chip should have two lines of pure gold. You should never buy a chip that has only one gold line. You can buy the perfect floodlight from Ligman.

LED chip glue is available.

After purchasing LED floodlights, you need to open them up and examine the glue. Substandard quality chip glue will cause it to break. Make sure the glue is intact for floodlights.

View the exterior of the LED floodlights

The thickness, weight, and heatsink can all be used to determine the quality of LED floodlights. An icon body is used for a high-quality floodlight, while a lower-quality one will have a die-cast aluminum body. By reducing the heat conductivity of the floodlights, the icon body can cause them to perform less well. Choose an LED floodlight that has an aluminum body and a larger heatsink.

Examine the rubber on the exterior body

The majority of LED floodlights are installed outdoors. To ensure safety, you should make sure the rubber seal is intact. 

Determine the wattage of floodlights

You must make sure that the floodlights you purchase have enough wattage to achieve the desired effect. Low-quality floodlights will often have insufficient wattage.

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