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How to Create a Natural Looking Stone Wall by Yourself?

Posted by: | Posted on: December 26, 2019

You can make a more temporary version of your stencil by using a heavy-duty poster board from the craft store or your local art supply. Tip: Spray the poster board lightly with aerosol hairspray or matt spray varnish to cover the surface of the paper that will help prevent moisture from penetrating the joint compound before you finalize your wall project.

A craft knife is all you need to cut openings from the poster board. Transfer the materials to the design of the stencil and cut out openings. If you are searching online for a decor stone wall then you can take a look here

Apply wide masking tape to adjoining walls, ceilings and baseboards to protect them from the unwanted joint compounds. Be sure to protect the floor with a decent cloth or plastic sheet, then apply your stencil to one upper corner of the wall and tape it into place.

Stir joint compound just enough to "vortex" to complex color. Do not over mix. You want to see the literal variation in color.

With your scraper, apply a thin layer on top of the stencil openings. Measures leveling compound over the stencil automatically blends the color of paint with a joint compound that color of each stone throughout.

When you smooth the compound, allow it to be bumpy, with dips and crevices, spinning. This will help to make the stones look very natural. Remove the stencil and allow the compound to dry before repeating the pattern of your stone. Rotate the stencil in a different direction or reverse more help for a variety of stones.

To speed things along, we did the first repetition, the second pass; apply the third repeat and so on. To achieve this, only wider measure your stencil openings and apply the stencil at the time.

After all, the stones have been finished and dry, apply a coat of clear polyurethane to seal and protect. Enjoy the look of the stone wall you created you and hear comments from friends and family who will not believe it.

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