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How To Make Cutting Art Glass Patterns Easier

Posted by: | Posted on: February 23, 2022

Many of us have found cutting glass in our studios to be hit or miss. However, a model made of art glass should not be difficult. Many people have only the basic skills of cutting glass shards for lamps or windows and find that they often break the glass where they don't want it. 

How can you make the cutting glass easier? You can also get information about art glass supplies via the web.

Art Glass

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Here are some simple tips to help you do that.

First, make sure you don't push too hard. How do you know if you cut the pattern on your glass too closely? The dividing line is visible and small pieces of glass can be seen as the cutting wheel moves across the glass surface.

Good results are always consistent, visible, and break easily. Apply firm, even pressure to them. The pistol grip is preferred by some for its better ergonomics. Remember to push with your body, not your wrists, and stand up when you score because it provides a better angle.

Never overwrite the pattern on your glass above the marked line. This will break the blade very quickly and make your glass less likely to break properly. 

This even increases the chance of cutting, as small pieces, which often result from reassessment, can be much more dangerous than thick pieces of glass.

Avoid dropping the glass knife from the edge of the cup and hitting the table. While it produces an attractive sound and allows you to get an even finish to the edge, it shortens the life of your knife.

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