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Important Facts Regarding Magnetic Field Therapy

Posted by: | Posted on: November 11, 2021

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field PEMF generates strong pulsed energy waves and directs them towards depleted tissues. The waves induce an increased electron spinning which is the key to restoring cells' homeostasis and transmembrane potential. A good understanding of PEMF portable devices is crucial for getting the task done in the right manner. 

 It is the most effective non-surgical method of improving overall well-being. It is also used to provide relief to patients suffering from muscle and joint pain. You can learn more about magnetic field therapy through

Here are some facts about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy:

1. PEMF Therapy Is Your Body's Companion

PEMF facilitates the body's natural mechanism of self-healing. Your body contains trillions of cells. So cell health determines your body's health. A healthy cell membrane requires positive and negative charges to regulate the uninterrupted exchange of material between cells. Any damage to cells due to aging or illness hampers their function. PEMF enables the cells to restore their charge balance and cell health.

2. They Offer Benefits From Head To Toe

This therapy could cure multiple conditions as:

Head, neck, and back pain, cervical osteoarthritis

Post-surgery pain

Pain and inflammation in arthritis

Chronic conditions as fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, kidney, lung, and heart issues, multiple sclerosis, and many more

3. The Frequency Of PEMF Machines Does Matter

Different PEMF machines have different frequencies. There is no single perfect frequency for every individual or pathology. Generally, higher frequencies are efficient for chronic illnesses, and lower frequencies are efficient for acute illnesses.


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