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Island Hopping With a Private Yacht Charter in Tulum

Posted by: | Posted on: March 12, 2022

To describe the possibility of stopping at multiple islands during a round trip or single route trip on a cruising yacht, we use the term island hopping. A cruising yacht is not like large cruisers that only stop at one destination. It can stop anywhere, especially in a territory such as the Cyclades Islands of Greece, where there are many options. 

A week of cruising on a yacht can take you to seven islands or destinations without spending too much time cruising. There are many options. A shipmate or crew member can plan a schedule that suits their needs and can be modified according to the weather conditions. You can know more about private yacht charter rental in Riviera Maya from H2OH Sun Cruises.

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Your requirements and the climate conditions can be used to determine your calendar. If you love an island, you can extend your stay and skim another. The cruising yacht has a fully equipped kitchen and an icebox. This allows you to have most of your snacks onboard without having to pay extra for snacks.

A skippered charter is generally more expensive than a similar itinerary with overnights by ferry or hotel. You can stop on your way to the next Island at any beach, secluded, or jammed, with a specific goal to swim, snorkel, unwind or have a bite or lunch.

You can choose to visit a crowded island, while the next day you will be visiting the smallest and most settled port you find in the area. You can spend one night at a port, while the next night you will be in a safe and focused place. Enjoy a late-night swim and a romantic dinner under the stars.  


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