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Menswear – Adding a Kufi Hat to Accentuate His Outfit

Posted by: | Posted on: April 12, 2022

The history and tradition of African clothing are long and intriguing. One item that comes from this lasting culture is the kufi hat. The kufi hat comes from West Africa where men have worn it for years. It is brimless and rounded to fit the shape of the head.

One will often see older men in West Africa wearing a kufi hat each and every day. For them, the hat is a symbol of their status as wise older patriarchs. African Muslims can be seen wearing hats on Fridays for their prayers. In recent years, kufi hats have made their mark in American hip-hop culture, but they may also be seen on the heads of any man who wants to show his cultural heritage.

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How it all started

Kufi hats are available in a range of colors and styles. There are knitted kufi hats, rasta-style kufi hats, Kente cloth kufi hats, and others. The crown-style kufi hat is worn with formal outfits and is often made in white. 

Most frequently, kufis are worn with dashikis as part of the formal outfit. These hats are durable and stylish. They offer any man who wears them the opportunity to celebrate his heritage while simultaneously celebrating his own unique style.

The Fulani straw hat is another popular choice. The Fula people of West Africa make these hats and they are both beautiful and practical. The wide brim of the hat is perfect for hot summer afternoons when you need to shield your face and eyes from the sun.

An African hat is one choice that any man can appreciate. African clothes provide a way to get the African textures, fabrics, and styles that will make your wardrobe a real standout. For the man, a kufi hat will offer him a chance to display his heritage with style. Celebrating African culture with African clothes and hats is a dynamic and artistic way to make a statement.

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