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Nutrients and Benefits of Blueberry Smoothies

Posted by: | Posted on: May 21, 2020

There are hundreds of recipes for blueberry smoothies, but examples that anyone can make are blenders, half a cup of blueberries, half a banana, half a cup of yogurt, and half a cup of ice cream. 

Within seconds you can enjoy mixed drinks that not only taste good, but are also nutritious. You can find many other nutritious recipes of blueberry smoothies at  

The nutritional value of blueberry smoothies is mainly based on the antioxidants contained in fruits. Because no heat is used in the preparation of the cocktail, most of these nutrients are retained. 

Diseases that are prevented by blueberries include macular eye degeneration, urinary tract infections, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, and constipation. It also slows the aging process, supports digestion, fights memory loss, and strengthens the heart muscle. 

Blueberries have antibiotic properties that allow them to fight bacteria in the urinary tract or other parts of the body. It also contains vitamins A, E, and C, as well as the minerals zinc, selenium, and phosphorus to improve eye health. 

When buying blueberries, make sure the fruit is of good quality. This ensures you get the maximum health benefits from your blueberry smoothie. Color is one indication. The blue color of blueberries is, the more nutritious it is. You should also check that they are tight, dry, and plump.

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