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Optimizing And Improving Building Air Conditioning With Software Simulations

Posted by: | Posted on: January 20, 2022

Companies in the HVAC industry must provide exceptional service and maximize operational efficiency. Software solutions for building services such as air conditioning and duct pressure drop calculation can help you manage your entire service operation to ensure efficient delivery of building services.

You can also look for the best simulación de energía del edificio (in English “building energy simulation”) via

In the past, only HVAC professionals were interested in using software to speed up and accomplish their tasks.

 simulacin de energa del edificio

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Nowadays, professional groups such as architects, building managers, and energy auditors are increasingly using such software.

Simulations for various weather conditions

You can use the building air conditioning software to simulate different weather conditions and determine the energy consumption of an entire building's air conditioner system.


Technical details about Donkey air conditioner duct design software:

For the ductwork system and other parts of it, you can use static regain or constant pressure gradient methods.

This program includes data on pressure loss for a variety of fittings.


Dolphin duct pressure calculator software technical features:

Hourly cooling load analysis is done taking into consideration thermal storage on a designated day for each month.

Each AHU undergoes psychometric analysis with the coil performance as a bypass factor.

Users can access pre-calculated U values and surface densities to suit a variety of standard roof and wall constructions.

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