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Opting For Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain

Posted by: | Posted on: February 7, 2022

As you age, your bodies begin to wear down the ligaments and muscles that support your back.

The spinal muscles are designed for long-term pressure and contraction. However, as we age, and have some systemic or other diseases, our ability to maintain pressure and tension decreases. This can lead to activity-directed back pain symptoms. You can also get the best lower back physical therapy via

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A doctor should be consulted if you've had back pain for more than 2 weeks and you have not been injured or traumatized. In almost all cases, physical therapy can relieve back pain.

Physical therapy is a form of exercise that regulates blood flow and promotes healing.

Exercises for back pain relief often focus on three main goals: strengthening, aerobic conditioning, and stretching.

Back pain sufferers should avoid aerobic conditioning and strenuous exercise. Low-impact exercises can be very helpful to improve the stability and function of your back muscles. These include swimming, biking, and brisk walking.

Aerobic conditioning and low-impact exercise help to detoxify tissues and reduce the formation of reactive oxygen species and free radicals. Free radicals can damage tissue and slow down natural healing.

For strengthening the back muscles, low-impact, high-energy exercises are required that follow the recommendations of a physical therapist. Strong back muscles support the spine and blood vessels.

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