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Planning a Trip to Ao Nang

Posted by: | Posted on: March 2, 2020


Ao Nang is the famous tourist center of Krabi with everything to offer, from beauty of the beaches to comfortable accommodation, exotic foods and sports. Ao Nang is a small town with a serenity that is characteristic of small towns.  The entire stretch of the town is no longer than 30 minutes on foot from one end to the other. For people looking for fewer crowds and more peace, Ao Nang is the perfect choice. The town is laden with sheer cliffs with silent and secluded beaches.

Food – The town has many affordable restaurants that offer all kind of food and seafood is easily available, needless to add. 

Beaches – It is easier to find isolated beaches in the town as most travelers prefer to keep their tours specific to larger cities like Phuket.

Sports – Ao Nang is famous for its adventure activities like kayaking, cliff climbing, ziplining, etc. these sports can be experienced under the supervision of trained professionals. So even first-timers can experienced their bucket list dares in Ao Nang and return home safe and sound.

Shopping – Ao Nang has some wonderful shopping centers where local craftworks and international brands are easily available at attractive prices.

Night life – There are a number of good night clubs where you can party to your heart’s fill. Many clubs are multi-floored and offer different kinds of fun activities apart from a wide range of beverages and music.

Small towns and their beaches are exciting because they offer peace and adventure away from the noise and a pleasant control on the trip. Ao Nang hostels are a great stopover for travelers who like affordable stay in a comfortable way.

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