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Proper Heel Care For Your Foot In Towson

Posted by: | Posted on: December 24, 2021

The pain in your heel can be extremely frustrating, especially when it is first in the morning, or on those first steps. Since your heel, it is the primary bone to come into contact with the ground during walking, and is the one that absorbs the maximum impact force that results in shock due to the weight of your body.

If the pain is unbearable, it is better to consult a podiatrist for heel pain in Towson before it gets more worse and painful.The most frequent reason for heel pain is plantar fasciitis.

 heel pain towson

There are other ways also to alleviate heel discomfort. The important thing to remember is that the impact has to be minimized, particularly on the plantar fascia and heel cord. To minimize the impact, be careful not to engage in activities that could aggravate your heel pain. 

Wear proper fitting shoes. There are soft cushioned and soft-heeled shoes that help absorb shock and also a custom-molded orthotic that supports the arch.

In the event that your foot is swollen You can lessen the swelling by using ice or Iontophoresis. If the inflammation causes discomfort, you should consider taking anti-inflammatory medication.

There are other exercises also that can ease the heel pain. It is important to remember that heel pain can take some time to disappear, it is important to be patient and do proper stretching exercises.

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