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Reasons Why You Need To Try Chrome Polish

Posted by: | Posted on: August 1, 2019

If you ever heard of mirror nails and kind of wondering what it looks like then it certainly speaks for itself. This type of polish are enriched with metallic finish which certainly provides you with a unique shiny illusion as if it is a made out of mirror. Indeed, a perfect polish if you happen to be in mood for shining shimmering splendid finger nails. These manicure paints are also known as chrome nail polish.

It certainly is a bit delightful to see how you could make your nail gaming extra exciting than it used to. These days, choosing pretty colors is no longer enough to make a bold statement through the pigments on your nail. You should at least try the new techs created because it does look cool and futuristic plus it does have an eye catching effect.

I mean, there are many enchanting illusion and effect you could try as you select the time of chrome polish you would want to be painted on you. If you like unicorn, then you must surely appreciate a rainbow sheen especially when direct light hits on its surface, pretty cool.

In fact, there are several finish you could choose from. Aside from the unicorn dazzle, galaxy finish may enchant you. Well, stars are very pretty and galaxy does look breathtaking so a holo flakes painted over your nails may not really be a bad idea after all.

If it is a luxurious and elegant glam you are aiming for then you may go for the gold metallic. It does look like a real gold that reflects through the day, makes your entire hand look practically expensive. Anyway, these are just few of the finish gleam you could take if you try such polish. It does sound impossible but when you get them, you no longer want to take them off.

What makes this really plausible is the gel polish that makes the color pop out. The reason why it is gel is because of the fact that it lasts longer compared to the usual formulation and a lesser chances of peeling off after a week or so. That sounds like another advantage, no women would not want their manicure to last ages.

Longevity aside, the gel prevents possibility of breakage on your fragile nails. Well, the polish gets you more than anyone else. I mean, it really is heartbreaking to see your nails cracking and breaking. You have been taking care of it for quite some time and chemicals making it brittle is not acceptable at all.

Few more reasons which will appeal you to actually try this polish type is the fact that it dries as fast as two minutes. That is like five blinks and you already are good to go. No more worrying about smudging and ruining the paints because it dries up really quick than regular polish.

Although this particular method does cost a bit higher than the regular manicure paints. But still with all the advantages and pretty deals you get out from it, it sounds reasonable. You would never regret having this especially if you are some kind of a nail color enthusiast, it sure is a new thing to try.

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