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Posted by: | Posted on: August 18, 2020

Do You Have To Be Smart To Succeed In Chemistry?

Do you have a chemical problem? Have you seen other classmates get higher grades? You may be wondering what you have but you don't have it. You can take O level Chemistry tuition in Singapore if you are not good enough in Chemistry.

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You may have heard someone whisper, "These people are smart. Only smart people are good at chemistry." Then the man who always sits at the back nods hard at you. Maybe you are the one nodding off.

Most people have a narrow idea of what it means to be smart.

Year after year you are faced with the way Hollywood shows you what it means to be smart. In their version of reality, smart people are masters of computers, the whistle of mathematics, and the universal scientific way. You think smart people should be a little crazy.

Screenwriters and directors believe that intelligence is an inexplicable existence. Or maybe it's a person oddity you were born with.

What you never see are the hours and hours of training and work it takes smart people to become smart people. You never do it alone. You can only guess.

But some people have high IQs

Not a rare gift or a spinning wheel that does well in chemistry. Are there, Einstein and Newton? Yes. Of course, there is. As simple as logic puts it, there are too many successful people in chemistry that chemistry depends on only a few people.

This type of person has only appeared sporadically throughout history.

The chances of meeting someone like that at your university, let alone in your chemistry class, are very slim. However, there are some student A in your class who are sitting next to you. Your conclusion should be that you don't have to be born talented or smart to be successful in chemistry.