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Posted by: | Posted on: August 30, 2019

Things You Need To Know About Avionics Antenna

 During travel time, in flight entertainment that most passengers would do include watching movies, listening to music, playing video games and watching the view through the window. Everything looks peaceful and sleek until problematic instances regarding the antenna attached occur. There are, perhaps, different challenges that aircraft faces such as the installation of communication antennas. This is due to the transmission of radiofrequency. Other than that, the Web access pushes many manufacturers to be attentive in providing efficient systems. Look into the following information about the avionics antenna.

In the communication system field, antenna plays a vital role in receiving and sending off electromagnetic waves which are relatively useful for avionics. The improvement of standard communication has been made possible through the different intricate procedures. Through antenna, contacting mountainous, remote and tedious paths have been made possible. Frequency, bandwidth, wavelength, radiation intensity and impedance matching are the basic perimeters in communication.

Aircraft navigates air traffic through radio frequencies, but to do this effectively, different types of antennas in different sizes should be used as part of radio equipment. Each type has its own designated characteristic regarding the application which also connects to the location of an aircraft. Other than that, both avionics and antenna are provided with own specifications. It is important to send signals in every direction because stations have differences.

Every flight crew must fully understand how their radios execute once they reach around fifty to one hundred miles from a receiving station. This type of execution could also be applied in both local flights an in ground. Results are even ideal to be used in future installations. Hence, antennas are relatively important because avionics rely on them. Today, most manufacturers have provided different sizes and shapes that are designed for a greater purpose, and it basically functions by its forms.

Antennas, too, is subject to wear and tear and worse, failure. The repair of the antenna has been a more critical and complex situation. The repair of the component lands into three different categories, such as the electrical and electronic, cosmetic and mechanical. In the electronic and electrical fixing, during the troubleshooting instance, the device may have been detached or removed. The testing procedure is typically done through effective measurement of enough power being radiated.

When dealing with mechanical damage, there could be severe cracks and bumps which is a result of being bumped by birds, carts and different objects. Through its repair, it would typically need an intervening of the envelope of the device. This is, perhaps, among the problematic situation that every aircraft staff and crews face because aside from this may cost too much to install, this would also provide so much time to be consumed which could delay the productivity of an operation.

On the other category which is the cosmetic damage, this is typically a result of chipping paint and discoloration situation in the antenna. This could be an easy refinishing work to do but it has to be applied with special paint. It should not be a typical paint that is for household use, but paint equipment for avionics use. Other than that, anechoic testing is essential to be done again.

Another common issue that could disrupt the antenna is lightning strikes. When this happens, the repair could vary depending on two different factors. First, it would depend on the type of device. Second, the repair would also vary on the location of the exterior and the interior of an aircraft. The exterior location is favorable to the environmental issues as this is more exposed. It could also be damaged by stones during touchdown and the erosion.

The demand for repair in the system has been continually getting higher these days. Expert individuals that would execute a certain job should have specialties with electrical, mechanical and electronics skills. There are special considerations when it comes to repairing. Some procedures are developed solely to ensure that it will sustain the life service of a device. This is reliable before it could be determined to get a replacement. Indeed, in the digital era, there are newer techniques that are developed for different purposes.