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ballpoint pen rose gold

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Posted by: | Posted on: September 4, 2020

Why Are Pens Still Popular?

The pen, derived from the Latin pinna, meaning pen, is a conical, thin and round device used to apply ink to a writing surface such as paper. There are many types of pens available on the market today, such as the very well-known ballpoint pens which emit oil-based sticky ink.

A roller pen that dispenses water or liquid-based ink onto a round tip similar to a ballpoint pen, and a fountain pen of the same name which uses the pen to dispense water-based ink. To get more details about rose gold ballpoint pen, you may visit

ballpoint pen rose gold

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As the world advances, technology has advanced to such an extraordinary degree that we are constantly afraid of making big strides in such a short time. The pen was once thought of as the only writing tool we needed, but then came the invention of the powerful computer with its many facets that made writing easy.

The most common and acceptable ones may be that writing using plastic pens on paper requires full concentration, and there can be no distraction. By comparison, a computer has many distractions; the moment you are bored, you'd switch to a new window and hours would go by before realizing that the initial work to be done has been ignored. 

Pen and paper would never let that happen, as it's a process that has a beginning to an end, with no stopping in between.