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bamboo straws

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Posted by: | Posted on: July 2, 2020

Eco Friendly Straws- Good Alternative To Plastic Straw

Vinyl straws are under significant public scrutiny recently, due to the perceived connection with the massive quantity of plastic and other refuse, floating about as enormous garbage stains in most of our major seas.

While plastic straws can, in theory, be recycled, but a number of them are not properly disposed of and flip up in character, where they can make a great deal of harm, during quite a while.

Therefore resorting to eco friendly straw is a great option. You can get more information regarding sustainable straws via

bamboo straw

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Here we provide you with some eco-friendly straws which are as great, or even better than plastic.

Bamboo straws

Bamboo is an almost perfect substance for creating eco-friendly straws. Bamboo has many properties which are advantageous. It is a durable, waterproof material along with this it can  also be used and reused many times.

Additionally, bamboo has antibacterial properties that are great and it does not get stained or discolored quite readily by food solutions. Thus, a pair of bamboo straws is ideal to purchase and maintain home for the events when you will need a straw.

Glass straws

Glass is a great substance for non-toxic eco friendly straws. Contemporary glass straws, made from Pyrex or comparable glass, are extremely demanding and will withstand an amazing amount of abuse without breaking up. Additionally, it's simple to see if they have been properly cleaned, and this can be an advantage in comparison.