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Posted by: | Posted on: August 2, 2019

Is Your Building Safe?

Never enter a house without an adult. If someone answers a door that even looks underage, don't enter the residence. Come back later. If the child doesn't want to tell you when parents will be there, that's because they are told to do it.

Call home and make arrangements with homeowners before returning. There are no exceptions. If you are in San Antonio, TX then you can search building inspector through

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Make sure the builder/contractor provides the OSHA labeled ladder right on the job site. 2×4 handmade wooden ladders or aluminum ladders with crooked or missing steps are not acceptable. If you fall, your broken arm or leg will prevent you from working. Affirm this. They are required by law to provide it.

Keep neat notes. I use 3 parts of acceptance so that the permit holder or client gets one, the city government or the owner gets one and I keep one for my records. Write clearly what the problem is if the inspection fails.

If the permit holder can't read the problem, he can't fix it. Make sure inspection records are recorded as quickly as possible and placed in your database. Other inspectors can follow you and will need this information too.

Try and do business with a smile. It might be a little corny but people react to the way they are treated. I repeatedly failed inspections or applications and asked people to thank me because I took the time to explain the reason and I did it while smiling.