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Posted by: | Posted on: December 24, 2020

Choosing the Best Material For Exterior Home Walls

Those getting new homes have had a tough time trying to choose the best material to use for the exterior finishing of their home walls. Well, most people easily settle for Cement, maybe due to its unique appearance, texture, and longevity.

It is obvious that the main reason why most people go for Cement as a siding material is because of its hardiness as well as long-lasting quality. You can find the best solutions for individual home builders at Prism Cement.

The Cement siding is strong enough, fadeless, and is able to withstand the harsh weather patterns and environmental onslaughts with no problems at all. It can insulate as well as help to protect the house from the varying temperatures.

cement for home builders

It is important that any homeowner who uses Cement that is porous should apply a coat of clear varnish. This is done basically in order to repel water and preserve the wall from rains, even in winter when freezing and thawing is experienced. It can be applied to wood-framed walls over building paper, using the sand, lime, and water mixture in mortar form that fastens them in place.

The said mortar that is used to hold the Cement in place is in turn decorated using a number of methods like concave or flush with bricks, extruded among bricks or raked but others prefer them as V-joined.

Modern technology has been used to provide an alternative to solid brick siding, and this is the man-made brick veneer siding that comes as a lightweight material that looks exactly like the original bricks. The only difference to be noted here is the wide choice of colors, textures, sizes, and shapes that make them have a more contemporary touch. It is highly durable so can last for years.