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CNC machining Services

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Posted by: | Posted on: May 15, 2020

What Is CNC Machining

When it comes to CNC machines most individuals have very limited knowledge about them. These machines are usually used for cutting metals in mills. With a CNC machine, you can build an assortment of things, and that is what makes it so useful. Here are ten useful tips that can help a beginner master these wonderful machines

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A Decent Cutter:

Do not go for cheap Chinese knockoffs instead go for an affordable decent cutter that is easily available. At the initial stage, I would suggest HSS. Also, buy 3 flutes for aluminum and 4 flutes for steel. Be careful and always wear safety glasses.

Vice, Clamping Kit, and Parallels:

Vices might be a bit expensive but you will want one as it will serve you well for years. Any old kit will do. You will also need a set of parallels, at least until you get proficient at making step jaws


Get yourself a misting coolant setup

Using an MDI:

An important step is to run your CNC like it is a manual mill. So you can master the power feeds and manual drills on every axis. In the process, you will learn a few basic G-codes which will be helpful to you in the future.

Use a Feeds and Speeds Calculator:

When you are doing your very first cuts make sure you get a feeds and speeds calculator so you can make sure your spindle speeds and feed rate are perfect for that first cut

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Know More About CNC Machining Company

The manufacturing sector is one of the most important as it ensures the smooth functioning of other businesses. This sector uses different machining techniques. It includes manual and CNC machining.

The latter is most preferred because of the benefits it comes with. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. The best cnc machining in Sydney is basically the process used in the manufacturing sector involving the use of computers and computer programs to control machine tools. Some of the manufacturing tools that can be controlled include routers, mills and grinders.


CNC milling is precise with fast removing materials in three dimensions so that the desired part shapes can be achieved. The technology is precise and highly efficient, making it very popular.

With this kind of milling, vertical, horizontal, bench top, face, bridge port, high speed and custom millings can be enjoyed. CNC services can handle all kinds of metals in addition to plastics.


Precision machining uses surface grinding machines to cut tiny material amounts to create finest flat surfaces to tight tolerance. This helps makes accurate and absolute components.

The different material types determine the precision ground part surface finishes that will be achieved. Angles, flats and radii on customs and components can be achieved with CNC grinding. The grinding process is however one of the most expensive in machining processes. The accuracy however makes it worthwhile.

Apart from CNC milling and grinding, other services that can be enjoyed include CNC turning, tapping and CNC cutting. EDM wire cutting services is another type of service offered here. The EDM services are important in manufacturing to achieve close tolerance for small part batches and components.