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Disposable lenses

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Posted by: | Posted on: September 25, 2019

How to Choose the Best Color Contact Lenses?

Decided to change eye color with colored contacts and do not know which to choose? Find out what color contacts available in the market has to offer and which lenses will make your beautiful eyes most striking.

Types of contact lenses

You can get colored disposable lenses (which is also known as endagslinser in the Norwegian language) and traditional lenses (annual replacement). Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

The best color contacts for dark eyes

If your eyes are dark brown, blue or green your only option is opaque contact lenses. Enhancement color lenses will only disappoint you.

The best options for dark eyes are:

  • Freshlook Colorblends – opaque, monthly disposable lenses with bright colors, shiny and natural-looking models. The most popular shades are Amethyst, Sapphire blue and green
  • Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque – 2-week disposable color lenses that create colors with soft search
  • Durasoft 2 and 3 Durasoft Opaque – surprisingly bright, but natural-looking color. Durasoft is an annual replacement contact lens hand-painted. Durasoft 3 looks best, but it is expensive

Best color contacts for light eyes

If your eyes are light, you can wear them with opaque and enhancer color contact lenses.

Recommended color contacts for light eyes:

  • FreshLook Dimensions – monthly disposable contacts that do not change your natural color, but add depth and your eyes look larger
  • Freshlook Radiance – also monthly, which disposables your eyes appear bright and sparkling. Radiance comes in Eden, Moonlight, Sunrise and Autumn. The effect of Radiance is truly striking.
  • Durasoft 2 for light eyes – annual replacement color lenses. The goal seems very natural because of the carefully painted pattern and blend of colors. You can get Aquamarine, Sky Blue, Jade Green, Violet Blue
Posted by: | Posted on: September 4, 2019

Who should wear daily disposable contacts?

You've probably seen TV commercials or Internet ads for disposable lenses. Are disposable contacts safe? Are they the best choice for you? What else is available in terms of contact lenses? The information below will give you a general idea of disposable contact lenses.

Disposable lenses are also called "replacement lenses". Most people who wear soft contact lenses of all types have a replacement program or another. This may be more or less frequent depending on the type of lens prescribed, but the daily use lenses for daily use are discarded and replaced daily. These lenses can be bought online through or they can also be bought from a nearby store.

Some disposable lenses are worn and replaced daily, and other disposable lenses are designed to be worn continuously for several days, and then discarded and replaced.

After reading the information above, you are probably more familiar with Disposable corrective lenses. By looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of lens, you can start to get an idea of the type of lens that suits you best. Several factors help to determine which type of contact lens is best for you. In the end, the decision will be made between you and your eye care professional.

People who have difficulty meeting daily routines, people who have very little time for personal care and hygiene, and people with very susceptible eyes to infections should consider wearing disposable daily lenses.