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Dried flowers

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Posted by: | Posted on: January 5, 2021

How to Use Fragrant Dried Flower Wreaths and Arrangements at Home

The smell of our home has an effect on how we feel. A citrus smell brings life and zest to your surroundings and energizes. Dried lavender lends a relaxing mood to your environment, while dried roses can enhance a romantic atmosphere. Depending upon the type of mood you'd like to create, dried flowers can truly augment your demeanor. With dried flower arrangements and wreaths, you can bring the joy of nature into your own home. You can also buy dried flowers via

Fragrances serve many functions in our lives. They can bring back a wonderful memory. Scents can also make our moods better by energizing us, relaxing us, or helping to enhance our focus. That's why bringing an arrangement or wreath into our environment can make a real difference in our moods.

Dried flowers come in all types of colors, shapes, and sizes. Dried lavender, for example, can be purchased on the stalk or in dried bud form after they've been removed from the stalk. You can place these buds in a bowl or sachet pouch and then combine them with dried rose petals and dried fruit slices to make a sensory-appealing sachet. 

You can also use dried plants in vases as arrangements instead of fresh flowers. You don't have to try and find a fragrant flower for each one in the bunch; mix it up and use some dried flowers for their beauty and others for their fragrance. 

You can make your house a home with the simply elegant addition of dried flower or dried lavender arrangements and wreaths. Nothing is more welcoming than a freshly-smelling home that helps you relax after a long day or energizes you as you get ready to face the world.