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Posted by: | Posted on: March 8, 2021

Causes Of Stormwater Pollution And The Necessary Solution

Stormwater is the runoff from rain or melting snow that overflows across the land instead of seeping into the ground. As it flows into the nearest body of water, it can carry the various elements present in the soil.

That is why when not treated, stormwater can bring about serious pollution or contamination problems to natural water sources. You can get the services of stormwater pollution prevention plans online via

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In this case, pollution is in the form of carried soil sediments. This can also trigger soil erosion that can destroy banks and estuaries when not immediately addressed.

When that happens, aquatic life can be severely affected as fishes can be suffocated with harmful pollutants like phosphorus.

As suggested by environmentalists, fertilizers can also harm water quality and aquatic ecosystems when applied excessively and when washed away by stormwater runoff.

Other elements like pet and human wastes can also contribute to soil pollution that is why disposal should be well-managed while problems on sewerage should be addressed immediately.

Of course, chemicals and other toxic substances coming from industrial areas also have the tendency to be washed away along with stormwater. In addition, there are a lot of developed roads that do not promote water absorption. Instead, the hard and concrete surfaces prevent water runoff from sinking naturally into the ground.

In dealing with the problem, people can first consider the minor stormwater management practices they can perform.

For instance, they can look into how they wash their cars on the street and ponder on how the detergent they used can be carried by stormwater.

The same thing should be observed as they fix their automobiles and let oil and other substances flow straight into their drains.