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Heavy Haul Trucking

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Posted by: | Posted on: January 3, 2020

Safety Features Of Trucks

The truck is quite high and large in size so there should be enough safety features to handle it. The bumper height is too high on each truck. There are some safety features to lower down the risks of truck drivers. In such great heights, it becomes quite difficult to make changing lanes and driving on the streets of a small town. Truck Drivers require special  truck driver training.

In many countries, a lift truck driver is given a special license after obtaining a special test drive. the major risk factor is the braking of the truck as large vehicles such as consuming a lot of stress and effort for braking. To have proper and efficient braking, suspension needs to get better and smarter.

Here are some safety tips to consider when driving or even when the truck is not moving:


The upgraded brake system is quite important as the wheel and tire sizes are high enough to increase the caliper and rotor sizes. Wheel diameter is large enough that it will increase the distance from the tire to the central axis of the shaft. The caliper pad needs to get slowed down to put a brake on the rotation of the wheel.

Angle drive pinion shaft

Drive Shafts of the vehicle are important to get picked up. Ideal measurement pinion is the angle between 2-1 / 2 degrees of the pinion. U joint forces operating parameters are normal parameters to extend the joint which can fail if U is forced beyond the normal force. Spacers which are must, therefore, be used quite well by matching the alignment which can make driving pleasure above.