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Posted by: | Posted on: August 3, 2022

Naples Historical Society – Everything There Is To Know

Preservation of any artifacts, buildings, and even traditional customs is key to retaining a communicate’s history and heritage. It necessitates having a conversation with our past about our future.

Here at Naples Historical Society, our main objective is to educate and inform any person, institution, or visitor regarding the historical heritage and significance of Naples as a city. We achieve this through several initiatives that are outlined below:

1. Educational Programs

• Archival Repository Project

Like every other library and institution that seeks to preserve and protect its historic documents, the Naples Historical Society is at the forefront of realizing the dream of having a safe and secure place to house and display its most precious collections. Items stored include newspaper articles, artwork, photos, audio and visual histories, memoirs and so much more.

• School Partnerships

By partnering with the Collier County Public School, the society has produced a first-of-its-kind video production that is presented exclusively to pupils in fourth and fifth grade at the school. This video showcases the history of Florida and Naples and teaches the students about their past which helps them make better and informed decisions for their present and future.

• Speaker’s Bureau

Whether you are interested in learning about the history of Naples or listening to a lecture on the rehabilitation efforts in the city, the Speaker’s Bureau is where you want to be. Through a partnership with Historic Palm Cottage, history presentations are offered at a rate of $150 with rehabilitation lectures delivered with no charges.

2. Tours

Who doesn’t love a good tour around historical sites? Luckily for you, the society offers plenty of tours to showcase the rich history of its city. Have a look at what we can offer:

• Palm Cottage

Nestled in the heart of Naples sits a house museum that invited visitors and locals alike to take a step back into time and experience the lives and experiences of those who came before. The Historic Palm Cottage is the oldest house in Naples that was built in 1895 by Walter Haldeman, one of the founding residents of Naples city. Built using sand, shells, and water, it is a two-story building that houses original artwork, tools, and furnishing dating back to 1895.

• Walk Through the District

The society organizes a one-mile walking tour that takes you back to 18th Century Naples where you will be shown where the first gas station, general store, and movie theatre once stood and operated. In addition, you will experience where the Old Naples Hotel once stood and played host to notable guests throughout history.

3. Events

Outdoor events and occasions are a fun way to engage with society members and visitors that provide a platform to exchange valuable information on the history of Naples. Examples of events hosted by the society include:

• Christmas at Palm Cottage

What better way to celebrate the festive season than by delighting in jingle bells and fairy lights darting across the cottage?

• Brew in the Garden

In the garden, sit back and savor the best in locally made brew straight from the first ever micro-brewery in SWFL, Naples Beach Brewery.

• Membership Cocktail

The different members of the society, young and old, get an opportunity to socialize, network, and indulge in the history of Naples. The event is free for all paid-up members with refreshments provided.

Now You Know What We’re All About!

The history of any location, building, or community is worth preserving for the sake of future generations. Naples Historical Society aims to play a key role in ensuring the maintenance and preservation of the city’s most precious historical moments and artifacts.