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Posted by: | Posted on: August 21, 2020

Using Outdoor Digital Signs

Outdoor digital signs are everywhere, from giant digital billboards on the side of highways to the ads and branding that have replaced the neon in places like Piccadilly Circus and Times Square.

Many shop fronts are also using them, attracting customers with moving imagery and providing a more noticeable sign in the evening.

Outdoor digital signs have many advantages over static media, not just their eye-catching nature. Firstly, a digital screen can be updated remotely, without the need for manual replacement of new content. You can also get the best outdoor light-emitting diode signs for your business.

Secondly, content can be scheduled, taking advantage of certain customer demographics-such as restaurants changing their content during different meal times-and finally, outdoor digital signs, once installed, require no printing costs or time wasted waiting for new content to arrive in the post.

Using outdoor digital signs can be a challenge, however, with protection a critical aspect of a successful outdoor LCD screen campaign.

Using modern TVs outdoors as outdoor digital signs require housing them in a protective enclosure, which provides all the necessary protection an LCD or plasma screen needs to function outdoors and in all weathers.

Outdoor digital signage enclosures, commonly called LCD enclosures, provide all this necessary protection.

Able to house almost any make and model of the TV, an LCD enclosure keeps the enclosed screen dry, preventing rain and other weather elements from getting inside.