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Posted by: | Posted on: April 23, 2020

Types of Child Custody

When couples no longer want to get married, they must make important decisions about the separation of property, spouse support, and child custody. Child detention, one of the most troubling aspects of divorce, is far more complicated than many belief.

There are different levels of child custody that are as important as the following: Custody is just a general term that covers almost all issues relating to children. You can also get more information about sole legal custody via

When a family needs to make a custody agreement, there are two types of detainees they must decide on legal guardianship and physical custody.

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Custody is a type of parental rights that allows parents to make important decisions for children, including religion, education, and medical care. Basically, this type of parental rights determines which parent will be the decision-maker for the child or children.

In many cases, if the family court believes that both parents must have the same opinion on this issue, they can delegate custody to both parents together. Usually, this is best when parents can have a working relationship with each other or a relationship that doesn't interfere with their children's decision making.

The second type of trusteeship to consider is physical trusteeship. As it sounds, this type of guardianship determines the physical residence of the child or children.

In cases where parents have primary custody, they can control where the child is as long as visitors allow parents who have not received custody. Joint custody, on the other hand, is a joint court decision if both parents live close together and can share time with their children.