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Teflon Mesh

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 14, 2019

Features And Applications Of Meshes In Packaging

The packaging is the final step in the production and how well a product is packaged to influence buyers while protecting the product. Packaging can also add to the cost. Manufacturers of products might be trying to go to the shrink sealing and wrapping with warm air guns. It works in low production volume environments or otherwise, wholesalers have to distribute the product.

When it comes to high volume production, the right choice is a line of semi-automatic or fully automatic for fast throughput. Meshes are the material made up of a network of threads or wires various types of meshes are Teflon cloth, polypropylene mesh, polyester mesh, etc.

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Process Briefly

In the semi-automatic equipment or products to be packaged automatically move through L sealer impulse seal with the sealing head is operated manually. L-seal and tunnels are built on the same frame.

Then move the product forward into the shrink tunnel along the conveyor where PVC or polyolefin shrink films receive heat to soften and sealing blade care of sealing after the product is packaged rolls out of the conveyor. A typical machine can shrink wrap about 15 packs per minute or more depending on the size of the tunnel and packages.


Tunnel and L-sealer are mounted on a frame which may have castors to help operators move the machine out of the way when not in use. Typical equipment comes with the heater switch, variable speed conveyor control, digital temperature control, and adjustable fan speed to ensure the quality shrink. Teflon conveyor belt equipped with nets to prevent sticking and mesh allows the free flow of hot air.

A bright window allows the operator to view the process and quality control. Equipment can be a constant feature and impulse sealing and heat sealing blade technology. A useful feature is the tilt table subsided sealing transferring products. Depending on the use of the product and the end, the buyer may request optional extras such as roller chain conveyor, air operated sealing and relax Film arm-powered, among others. The more options there are, the more confusing it becomes to choose a product that suits your needs.