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Posted by: | Posted on: March 4, 2020

What to Do To Ease Your Child Out Of the Thumb Sucking Habit

Thumb or finger sucking is a normal activity for babies and children – they get into the habit while they are still in the womb and can continue well into the toddler stage. However, if the habit continues for too long, problems with the development of teeth and harmony can arise.

It is a good idea, to monitor your child's thumb-sucking habit during the early years of their development. There are also some things you can do to wean them from the habit before it can cause problems. You can purchase thumb sucking guard which is recommended by Pediatric Dentists for thumb sucking prevention.

Avoid your child from using a pacifier by the age of eighteen months. Research has shown that the sucking action generated by the dot can affect a child bite. Wean your child off the pacifier when they are a year and a half old will reduce the chances of that happening.

Encourage your child to stop thumb or finger sucking at the age of 3. Most children tend to stop thumb or finger sucking on their own between ages 2 and 4. As the dot, if this habit continues into later childhood, it can cause upper front teeth erupted out of position and the tip toward the lip.

Change your child's baby bottle to training cup around the age of one year. The swallowing mechanism we change as we grow; introduce your child to a cup of training in about a year will encourage them to transition from "suck" to "breathe," and make it easier to end the habit of thumb or finger sucking.