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Posted by: | Posted on: March 24, 2020

Get More Knowledge About Workouts

There are four factors you need to consider in deciding what should or should not eat before exercise. A common mistake is to eat foods that do not have enough time to digest before you exercise. You can get to know more about workouts via

Four things you need to consider is:

•    The intensity of your workout

•    The length of your workout

•    How long it takes to digest your food

•    How long before you start your workout

How long before your workout begins is very important because you can eat some of the heavy (high in fat and or protein) that is still undigested food and sit in your stomach. That's OK, if it is aerobic, low intense exercise easily. But if it is a high intense weight training or aerobic exercise – can make your workout more sluggish, and contribute to bloating, gas, indigestion or other digestive problems.

Certain foods take longer to digest than others. Fruits digest very quickly. On average they pass through your digestive system in 30-45 minutes. Protein and fat takes about 2-3 hours to digest, so if you have plenty of time before your workout can eat peanut butter and crackers, cheese or protein drinks. But if you eat the kinds of food, and I do not say whether they are good or bad to eat, you need to look at how much time you can give your body to digest it before you start your workout, especially if it is going to be intense.

In connection with the intensity of your workout, the body feels intense exercise 'as being in vogue' Fight'. This turns off your system other, 'Break Digesting' mode. They do not work at the same time. 

The point is, if intense exercise and you eat a meal or snack loaded with protein and fat you need to give your body enough time to digest the food before you start an intense workout. If the food may be sitting in your stomach and will not be digested properly and more than likely not help you during the workout.