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Types Of Spiders In Melbourne

Posted by: | Posted on: March 18, 2020

Spider control is performed by a pest control service. You contact them online or by phone and they will provide a free quote, advise and immediate help to resolve your spider problem. Spiders are one of the most feared pests. They are scary and can be poisonous. You can end up in the hospital if you are bitten by a redback, whitetail or Funnelweb spider. You need to be careful because spiders are not the type of pest you want to infest your home. Here are some interesting things you might like to know about spiders in Melbourne. 

What types of spiders are there in Melbourne?

There are many types of spiders in Melbourne that you should be aware of. If you see a spider in your home and cannot identify it and cannot remove it, call a pest control service as soon as possible. Some of the types of spiders are Huntsman, Trapdoor, Black House Spider, Redback, Mouse, Funnelweb, Wolf, Daddy Long Legs and White Tail Spider. 

1.Daddy Longlegs Spiders

These spiders are not poisonous spiders, they are harmless and can be found inside the home in the corners of the ceiling. They eat small insects and are friendly. If you want to get rid of this type of spider, you can easily do it yourself, but be gentle not to harm him. 

Daddy Long Legs

2.Huntsman Spider

Just the other day I was walking on the footpath and a magpie came flying out of the bushes with a huntsman in his beak. Huntsman spiders are big, dark and very scary indeed. Females are bigger than males. Generally, these types of spiders are not deadly, their bite can cause localised pain and swelling. They usually live in the garden and don’t spin webs. You can catch these spiders and carefully release them back out into the wild. 

Huntsman Spider

3.Trapdoor Spider

These intimidating spiders are great at controlling garden insects. They live in a hole that they burrow in the ground. They come out to look for insects to eat. Of course, you would not want to be bitten by any spider, but if you do get a bite by one of these spiders, you will only experience pain in the area of the bite as they are not dangerous to humans. If you find one of these in the garden, it is best to just leave them alone, they are helping to control pests that could be destroying your flowers. 

Trapdoor spider

4.Funnelweb Spiders

These little spiders are best to stay right away from. If you do suspect you have a Funnelweb spider in your home, call a pest control expert to get rid of it. I would not recommend removing this type of spider on your own. There are many types of species of Funnelweb spiders and only the male one found in Sydney has actually caused deaths. In Melbourne, there are Funnelweb spiders and they can be poisonous, so stay away from them. 

5.White Tail Spider

These spiders are usually found outside under dry leaves and sticks in the garden. They hunt for other spiders to eat and are most active in the night time. They are poisonous so this is another spider that you should keep away from and call a pest control service to get rid of it. 

White Tail Spider

6.Redback Spider

This is one of the most famous spiders in the world. They are found all over Melbourne and Australia, but they prefer the warmer climates. They can be found in backyard toilets, old sheds, laundries and inside cupboards that have not been maintained. The female redback is the one that can cause serious problems but can be fixed with antivenom from your local hospital. Redback spiders can bite, but most times they just cause pain and swelling. It would be advised to contact a spider expert if you have a redback spider problem.

Redback Spider


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