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What does it mean to communicate underground?

Posted by: | Posted on: October 18, 2021

While communication is important in every business and profession, it is especially important when communication must take place underground, as in fields such as mining and tunnelling. The underground communication systems are required for making sure safety of workers and growing the output. In underground applications (mining etc.), the disasters like a collapse of mines (especially in coal mines) is a common incident and a reliable and active communication system is essential for identifying the location of stuck miners and their rescue from the wreckage.

An effective underground communication system increases productivity and decreases operative costs by saving the machine collapse time and providing instant passing of messages from hundreds of feet under the ground to the concerned resources and personnel above the ground.

underground communication

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Types of Underground Communication Systems

Conventional or Wired systems: Some of the wired systems include:-

  • Magneto phones.
  • Paging phones.
  • Voice powered phones.
  • Trolley carrier phone system.
  • Hoist rope system.

Wireless Underground Communication Systems

  • RF (Radio Frequency) Transceivers
  • LF (Low Frequency) Transceivers
  • VHF (Very-High Frequency) Transceivers
  • UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) Transceivers:
  • Leaky Feeder Radio System
  • UHF v/s VHF Leaky Feeder Cable Systems
  • Through the Earth (TTE) Communication System

Wireless communication systems can be deployed even in difficult-to-reach places below the ground, and they are adept of enduring any disaster. The location of every trapped miner can easily be strong-minded using wireless communication systems. This allows for positive rescue and searches operations. Wireless communication systems are the best and most consistent method of communicating underground applications such as mining and tunnelling.

The necessities in underground communication are much different from surface communication. Consequently, underground wireless communication systems are enhanced to meet the exact needs of underground applications like mining and tunnelling.

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