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What Is Cold Laser Therapy for Pain?

Posted by: | Posted on: October 20, 2021

Cold Laser therapy is an advanced therapy for neuropathic pain. This includes a 15-20 minute therapy with a low-light laser that penetrates the skin and reduces tingling, burning, and needle pain.

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Some people feel relieved the first time they visit. Most cases of acute injury require between 4-5 visits to see significant improvement. In cases of chronic neuropathy, improvement is seen, usually between 6 and 7 visits. Many long term diseases see a significant improvement in tingling, burning, or needling within 3 weeks of therapy.

Sensory nerve sends data from the body to the brain and spinal cord. Nerves send back signals to the brain through heat, touch, cold, pain or pressure. Some people may experience severe pain, tingling, or muscle weakness. These nerves can be damaged and send the wrong messages to the brain. Damaged nerves usually tell the brain that it feels tingling, pain, or burning when it shouldn't.

Laser therapy transmits energy that increases blood flow, oxygen to cells, and nutrients to repair tissues. Cold laser therapy also reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain signals to the brain. Endorphins and enkephalins are released to further reduce the sensation of pain. This combination promotes healing and nerve function.

Nerves tend to heal very slowly and laser therapy speeds up the recovery process. Lasers have been shown to improve nerve function and reduce pain by increasing enzyme activity and accelerating nerve healing.

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