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What Is Colorbond Fencing Made Of?

Posted by: | Posted on: September 7, 2021

Colorbond fencing material is lightweight and strong steel coated with high quality paint. It is very durable and closely blends into the steel base. This is possible by using several coatings between the paint and the steel base that help them to fit together better. Steel base can actually be made from galvanized steel. 

It is then treated with the zinc substrate, which is attached to the steel using current and electrodes. This is how galvanized steel is made. The steel base is then treated using anti-corrosion, weather-resistant paint. This makes colorbond fence material the ideal choice for outdoor use in Australia. You can install colorbond fencing in Gold Coast via

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When it comes to colorbond fencing steel, this isn't all that is needed. Some of these processes are also patented. These processes were developed in Australia. This means that this colorbond fence can be used anywhere. It is a good match for the Australian climate.

Cold reduction is used to create colorbond fence material. The hot-rolled coil steel is then cleaned with acid and pressed with rolls. This results in stronger, thinner steel. The colorbond fencing material can be coated with zinc alloy. This is the process that looks like galvanization. There are many more layers to this steel base.

Pretreatment is the initial one. This allows the base to be able to take on the subsequent coatings. Primer comes after the base has been prepared. It will be attached to the paint top coat. The last step is paint, which is baked into the steel.


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