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What Reports Do You Provide And When Will You Receive Them?

Posted by: | Posted on: July 10, 2019

In countries where there is no licensing program for home inspectors, it is even more important to ensure inspectors are certified because basically anyone can call themselves a home inspector. In these cases, it might be tempting to hire someone like a general contractor to just walk through the house with you.

In addition, certified home inspectors have received training in all systems at home, as well as how to check them and see the whole house as a system. If you are looking for Christian home inspector online then you can explore various online sources that provide professional home inspection team.

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Hopefully, a legitimate inspector will give you a written report that you can use in evaluating a home purchase. Because of this, reports differ in style and level of detail. Inspection reports must include defective digital images and narrative statements about the system and defects found.

Some reports will also include things like videos, glossaries, and summaries. If there is a summary, make sure you are still reading the entire report!

The time to complete the report must also be determined. As an inspector, we understand the strict schedule that your real estate agent provides, so we will always give you reports as soon as possible.

Remember that sometimes a little extra research is needed, so don't expect to get a report at the end of the inspection. Most supervisors must report it to you within 24 hours after the end of the inspection.

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