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What To Consider Before Hiring A Quality Assurance Firm

Posted by: | Posted on: June 24, 2022

When you’re looking to outsource your call center work, you might be considering hiring a quality assurance (QA) firm. But what should you consider before making that decision? Here are four things to think about.

1. Size and Scope of the Firm

First, consider the size and scope of the QA firm. Do they have a wide range of experience with call centers? Do they have the manpower to do a thorough job? If the answer is no to either of those questions, you may want to look for a different QA firm. You can also choose Call Center QA or Quality Assurance for Call Centers at Callcriteria.

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A smaller QA firm may not have the resources to thoroughly test all aspects of your call center operation. Conversely, a large QA firm might not have the bandwidth to focus on specific areas, such as customer service or sales. It’s important to find a QA firm that has the resources and expertise to help you improve your call center operation.

2. Cost and Timing of Services

Next, consider the cost and timing of services offered by the QA firm. How much will it cost? What are the turnaround times for services? Are there any additional fees associated with using this QA firm? Finally, consider the level of commitment each of these factors will require.

3. The Quality of the QA Firm’s WorkNext, evaluates the quality of work provided by the QA firm.

Does the QA firm present a clear vision of what they intend to accomplish? Are they willing to explain how their plan will improve your call center operation? Do they provide you with an opportunity to contribute and improve your plans? If so, this tells you that you’re dealing with a quality organization that is genuinely interested in helping you improve your call center operation.

4. The QA Firm’s CommitmentNext, consider the commitment made to you by the QA firm. Are they truly committed to improving

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