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Which Dog Kennel Is Best For Your Pet?

Posted by: | Posted on: March 25, 2022

Let's begin with the dimensions and configuration. Do you require a single, double, or triple kennel? What is the purpose of the kennel? What are the dimensions for the kennel's area? What width is the narrowest door that the kennel can pass? You can also buy dog kennels in Ireland via

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Let's now move on to the design details and other options.

  • Single Medium and Single Large kennels allow you to choose whether the door should be on the right or left. Single Extra Large kennels will center the door unless you specify right or left. The standard hardware for hinged doors is simple, black hardware.

  • Double kennels have wood in between the doors on the right and left. A front with an open bar is also available.

  • The back of the kennel has been fully detailed and trimmed in Alder wood. If depth is an issue, you may opt for a flat back (no cost), which will reduce the depth by 2.25" You have the option to reduce the kennel's depth or give your dogs more space.

  • Standards are stain and poly coat. For an additional fee, you can get smooth, distressed, or weathered finishes in any color.

  • The top of the kennel has a metal-trimmed tongue in groove Alder. The kennel can be stained with any color you choose and poly coated. The interior is stained and poly-coated to match the top.

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