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Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Necessary In Brooklin

Posted by: | Posted on: August 19, 2021

Cleaning the air vents of a dryer is essential to keep your house safe and clean from dirt and debris, homeowners can clean their vents by their own but sometimes it can only justified by a trained fan cleaning technician to solve the problem. 

If your clothes dryer is located next to the outer wall of your home, the drying system can be quite short. In this case, you can reach all the channels and clean them sufficiently with a vacuum cleaner and brush. Hiring a professional is justified for the duct cleaning services in Brooklin in a variety of scenarios. 

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Hair traps don't catch all the moss. Some of the lint will run through the dryer vents coming out of your home, but some of the moss will be trapped in the dryer duct system, especially in the flexible rigid dryer ducts and in the corners of the ducts as they reach the outside openings. 

A surprising number of house fires are caused by moss-clogged dryer hoses. Studies show that more than 15,000 household fires per year are caused by dryers, many of which are suspected to have excessive amounts of mildew. 

Moss is highly flammable and if the dryer ducts become clogged and the hot air generated by dryer debris cannot be evacuated properly, it can heat and inflame the hair.

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