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Why Making Merit Popular in Thailand

Posted by: | Posted on: March 27, 2020

Make merit means doing good things as mentioned in religious doctrine. They strongly believe that they must regularly make and benefit services that will bring them happiness, to live in peace and other good things. Getting the reward will strengthen them to overcome obstacles or adversity they are suffering.

They intend to gain more reward because they believe their accomplishments will help them to be in heaven or a place of peace after their death. Thailand belief is based on the doctrine of the Buddha. If you want to know more about Making-merit, Visitรับจัดทำบุญบ้าน-ทำบุญบริษัท.

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This concept as stated in Thailand “if you do well you will receive a good, if you do bad you will receive bad”. This means that the results of Karma which is an evaluation of each event, that is, you will receive the results of what they had started.

The general rule in making merit  is to prepare the mind and the mind must be purified and good thoughts.

Every day around 6 am in the Grand Palace monks come out with their alms bowls and wait for good people to make donations of food and necessities. Does that give food to the monks on their daily alms rounds, take the victim to the temple, or singing in the ancient language of Pali, Thailand Buddha liked to make merit.

The final reason for the make services is to help you see the truth of life, that life is always changing and never certain, there are birth and death, there was a meeting and parting, material things are not everlasting, and to reduce craving and attachment stops matters worldliness.

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