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Bollywood Dance Classes – Get Fit And Have Fun

Posted by: | Posted on: June 29, 2021

Bollywood dance classes are an exhilarating way to have fun. Bollywood dances are expressive and combine classical Indian dance steps with belly dancing, Indian folk, jazz, hip-hop and western popular. You can visit to know more details about Top indian dance styles at

 Some of the main dance styles taught in your Bollywood dance class are:

Kathak – This North Indian dance form involves fast twisting and fast footwork. Live musicians are often accompanists and performances can be followed by a story or narration. Typical Kathak performances usually follow developments in tempo from slow to fast.

• Classics – The basis for classical steps are percussion rhythms and folk rhythms. He sticks to the traditional, with gliding and sensual movements.

Bhangra and Modern – Conventional folk rhythms of Bhangra are combined with elements from hip-hop, jazz, and Latin. Bhangra originates from Punjab and resembles Latin and funk in its heavy and intense rhythm.

Now consider the benefits of taking dance classes in Bollywood in terms of how to be physically and mentally fit

Offers Aerobic Exercise – High energy levels give you an excellent aerobic workout that improves the oxygenation of vital muscles. 

Ease your mind – the fun you have of doing the various steps as a group will refresh your mind and help you forget your tension.

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