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Floor Joists – Eco-Friendly Solutions

Posted by: | Posted on: January 24, 2020

To have a silent, solid floor, you have to know the difference between the two systems most common flooring currently using are: floor joists and sawn timber beams. 

More than 50% of homes have a floor joist also called "floor truss" and “I-beam.” I-beams are pre-cut based on the engineering plan layout of the factory-delivered and ready to be installed. You can see designs and get more information via


In the past, wood imported from the saw mill was a good quality wood from old tree growth. This wood was clean and straight with minimal knots. Currently, wood from newly planted trees are not as good as more and larger knots with disabilities. Sometimes, you see this as a break of 20 wood-2×12 feet in half that happened in the past.

When the sawn timber such as 2×10 for floor beams, used construction described as "stick-built" because the wood is measured and cut in a workplace that takes longer to install floor beams.

For the system I-joist floor, the plant will require your blueprints so that they can perform layout plan where all the floor joists go-take into account. 

Advantages of the I-joist floor framing is that the range table and floor layout plans provided by the engineers of the plant. From a review of the floor layout, you can quickly see where all the beams can settle. 

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