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Know More About European Masks

Posted by: | Posted on: April 24, 2020

European Masks can be traced back for centuries. Our ancestors seem to know the power of disguise even before recorded history. Tradition and links to shamanism may be pre-date all our knowledge of history. Masks of one form or another can be found in our three most powerful and the cultural history of the region, Egypt, Greece and Rome

To access some early European masks, we need to visit France. In France, in the Trois Freres, caves inhabited by Paleolithic people have hunting scenes painted on the walls showing a masked dancer. They believed to be at least 25,000 years. You can navigate for acquiring more knowledge about European masks.

This tradition is carried out in the Roman theater. In medieval mystery drama masks are used to portray the character. Satan and other masks used in carnival, as now in Spain, France Italy and other countries.

In the UK there are traditional animal disguise who use various forms of horse hobby as the focus. It must be seen in Lands End, BWCA Lwyd in Wales, Thanet in Kent and between April 30 th and May 3rd at Minehead in Somerset.   

Other varieties of common masked characters for English folk festival is one related to the agricultural cycle. what is important is the human Bury, West Lothian, who wears a hat and Balaclava planted with roses, and a man dressed straw that appears in Whitby on Saturday before Plow Monday. Figures dressed straw is also known in Ireland. There is a possibility that The Green Man of ancient Britain associated in some way with this celebration.

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